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    Mihajlovic: Nis becoming headquarters of „Aerodromi Srbije“

    Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure Zorana Mihajlovic has stated that the Government will develop regional airports in the country, thus Nis, in which the second largest airport is situated, will become headquarters of the enterprise „Aerodromi Srbije“, RTS reports.

    Mihajlovic has pointed out that state will continue to invest in Nis airport, with the aim of it becoming a backup for Belgrade based „Nikola Tesla“ airport.

    „Nis has become a place where highways and railways branch, as well as the town in which the second largest and strategically very important airport is located,“ she has said to reporters.

    The Serbian government has invested in Nis airport, it will invest additional EUR240 million and construction of a tower will cost additional EUR5 million, Mihajlovic has stated. „We established an enterprise „Aerodromi Srbije“ several years ago, in order to develop airports, and at the time there were more spider webs on Nis airport than people,“ she has pointed out.

    Mihajlovic has said that now there are 300,000 passengers a year at Nis airport, and investments will continue in order to increase that number, while Ladjevci based „Morava“ airport near Kraljevo will be fully operational for civilian air traffic as well, until June.

    Izvor: RTS

    Foto: Aerodrom Konstantin Veliki

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