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    Member of Crisis Staff: Expect 4,000 infected per day soon

    Member of the Crisis Staff and Director of the Health Center Savski venac, Zoran Bekic, has said that about 4,000 patients with covid-19 can be expected daily next week.

    “The numbers have started to rise again, and we are all aware of that. At the beginning of June, we had 300 infected patients a day, and now that number is somewhere around 2,500 or more. Every week, the number of infected patients increases by 50%,“ Bekic told RTS TV.

    He pointed out that the numbers of infected children was also growing, adding that in June, one to two children per week were infected with covid, and now about two or three per day, and that there were four of them on Friday.

    He added that there were now about 200 hospitalized patients, but that there was an increased number of admissions every day compared to dismissals.

    “If we look at such a trend, it is certain that in the next few weeks we may reach four-digit numbers of hospitalized patients. As early as next week, about 4,000 infection cases can be expected on a daily basis,“Bekic said.

    According to him, working age population and young people are most often infected, and the symptoms are fever, sore throat, pain in the bones, muscles, cough.

    „But we can say that in recent days we are seeing somewhat more difficult clinical symptoms with fever,“ Bekic said.


    Izvor: RTS

    Foto: Pixabay

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