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    MEDICAL TOURISM increasing by 15 percent a year

    The number of health tourists in Serbia annually grows by ten to 15 percent and there are currently between 40,000 and 60,000 of them at the annual level, according to data of the National Association of Travel Agencies of Serbia (Yuta). Health tourists mostly come from countries of the former Yugoslavia, somewhat less from Europe, especially Central Europe and Scandinavia. Often those are people using dental services in Serbia, a total of 80 percent, but they also come for aesthetic and orthopaedic surgeries. According to Yuta, Serbia is cheaper in dental tourism up to 50 percent than any other place in Europe, while plastic surgeries are cheaper by 35 to 40 percent, orthopaedic surgeries are cheaper up to 30 percent and quality of services in many aspects in better than the rest of the continent. As for the health services used by foreigners in Serbia, sex change surgeries are at the bottom of the list. Data from clinics show that between 70 and 100 such procedures are performed in Belgrade on annual basis, and most of the patients are from the USA, Canada, as well as Croatia, Slovenia, North Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, while arrivals of citizens from Italy, Israel, Iraq, Iran and Saudi Arabia are recorded as well.

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