McDonald's is planning new investments and expansion in Serbia

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    McDonald’s is planning new investments and expansion in Serbia

    The McDonald’s company said today that this year it was celebrating 30th anniversary of operation in Serbia, where it plans further expansion and new investments.

    Director of McDonald’s in Serbia Veselin Janicijevic said that the company had opened 26 restaurants in Serbia in which more than 1,200 people were employed.

    “We plan to open another restaurant in Novi Sad this year, but also to continue investments in the coming years, by opening new restaurants and employing more people. This confirms that McDonald’s is a reliable partner to the Serbian economy,” Janicijevic said.

    He added that the employees dedicated to their work, loyal and open to gaining new knowledge and experience were the most important pillar of this company’s success.

    The McDonald’s company recalled that it was the first international company that came to Yugoslavia and South East Europe back in 1988 and introduced a new business culture and food service method.

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