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    Marko Cadez to head SCC for 5 more years, he got second term

    Today, members of the Assembly of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce (SCC) unanimously decided to re-elect Marko Cadez as president of this business association.

    Cadez was elected president of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce for the second time, and his new term starts on June 23 and it will last for the next five years.

    This was decided at the third session of the Assembly of the Chamber of Commerce in Belgrade, and Cadez thanked the members for their trust and expressed hope that he would live up to it.

    „We live in a completely new world full of challenges and unpredictability, which requires a new role for the Chamber of Commerce. We are starting to implement changes from ourselves,” Cadez said after the re-election.

    As he pointed out, it is no longer enough to just know the legal frameworks of business, propose their changes in accordance with the requirements of the economy, be a platform for finding new markets and represent the interests of the economy to state authorities.

    He then declared the vice presidents of the Chamber of Commerce from the business domain.

    The minutes of the first and second sessions of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, the report on the work of the SCC for 2021, as well as the regular annual financial report of the SCC for 2021 were also adopted at the session.

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