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    MAN, KAMAZ and Jeep x 80 for firemen (PHOTO)

    The Sector for Emergency of the Republic of Serbia is richer for 80 new vehicles purchased by the Ministry of the Interior, in order to improve the working conditions of firemen-rescuers. Vehicles in question include 20 fire trucks and 60 ATVs that were officially handed over to the Sector for Emergency on Friday. According to Minister Nebojsa Stefanovic, 20 fire and rescue trucks manufactured by MAN and KAMAZ, as well as 60 ATVs will be delivered to all emergency units in Serbia. „Since the beginning of 2019, the Ministry of Interior has procured a total of 46 fire and rescue trucks, 185 ATVs, 19 vans and 54 passenger vehicles for all organizational units of the Sector for Emergency,“ Stefanovic explained. The Ministry of Internal Affairs did not reveal the purchase price of 80 new fire trucks.

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    Foto: MUP

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