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    Mali: The state sells its stake in Jubmes Banka

    Serbian Finance Minister Sinisa Mali announced today that he expected the state to sell its share in Jubmes Banka by the end of the year.

    He also said that a task force was working on analysing the strategy for Srpska Banka and he recalled that a public call for a financial adviser for the sale of a stake in Komercijalna Banka had already been announced. „Among the other state-owned banks, there is also the postal savings bank Postanska Stedionica, which is completely stable, it does its part of the job and it has a stable share in the banking system,“ Mali said at the presentation of the results of the global competitiveness index.

    The state has a 20.2 percent stake in Jubmes Banka, and a 76.69 percent stake in Srpska Banka, while 23.31% is owned by Jugoimport SDPR, which is a state-owned company. In Komercijalna Banka, the state has a stake of 41.7 percent.

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