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    Locals BLOCKING highway works REJECTED all proposals from authorities

    Locals in the villages of Pakovrace and Baluga near Cacak have rejected the new proposals they received from the representatives of the competent institutions and continued to block the construction works on the Preljina-Pozega and Preljina-Pojate highways, demanding the payment for the land confiscated from them for the construction of that road.

    The blockade of the works through Pakovrace started about two and a half months ago, while the blockade of the works on the construction of the Preljina-Pojate highway through Baluga started eight days ago.

    One of the participants in the blockade in Pakovrace, Milos Nikolic, told the Beta agency that they were visited during the weekend by director of the Public Company Putevi Srbije, Zoran Drobnjak, who offered them a new price for the confiscated land, which, according to their assessment, remained unacceptable.

    „He offered us a price for the confiscated land which is now twice lower than the price paid for some plots in Pakovrace that were also confiscated in the process of expropriation for the construction of the highway, and that is unacceptable to us,“ Nikolic said.

    According to the locals, who have been protesting for two and a half months, the problem arose when the City Administration of Cacak „made a mistake“ by determining two different prices for the plots of the same category that were confiscated for the construction of the highway.

    „The City Administration estimated that the price of one plot is RSD 1,440, and the price of the plot next to it is RSD 200 per square meter. We do not know why this was done, but we request that all expropriated plots be paid equally,“ Nikolic said.

    No giving up

    Locals who were dissatisfied with the offered price for the seized land filed lawsuits, but the trials have been going on for more than two or three years.

    Nikolic pointed out that the residents of Pakovrace were determined to continue the blockade of the works on the construction of the highway by stopping the contractor’s vehicles on the regional road Cacak-Lucani, while letting the other vehicles pass and blocking the works on the plots that have not yet been paid.

    Izvor: Beta

    Foto: Pixabay

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