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    Loan processing fees: 30,000 citizens have to repay money to banks

    About 30,000 citizens to whom the money for illegal collection of loan processing fees was returned by a final court ruling will have to return that money.

    A large number of citizens who received a court ruling two years ago and a refund from banks, due to the hitherto illegal collection of loan processing and insurance fees with the National Credit Insurance Corporation (NKOSK), received a revision of that ruling these days and an order to repay the money to the banks within eight days, without the possibility of an appeal, says the Consumers’ Association “Efektiva”.

    Dejan Gavrilovic of this association notes that this decision of the court is a scandal, adding that such examples have become more frequent since September 16 last year, when the Supreme Court of Cassation amended its position from 2018, when citizens sued banks for illegal collection of loan processing fees.

    He says for the BIZLife portal that the Supreme Court of Cassation, with its standpoint, first called on the citizens to sue banks, and now it is telling them to repay the entire amount, but also other costs, so the banks will earn even more money on all this.

    He states that from 2018 until September last year, more than 200,000 lawsuits were filed in these cases, and about 30,000 of those who sued banks received a revision of the final verdict, i.e. they collected money from a bank based on the standpoint of the Supreme Court.

    In that period, the Supreme Court also adopted 1,000 revision decisions, which confirmed the previous standpoint and enabled citizens to collect money from banks.

    In 2018, the Supreme Court of Cassation took a position according to which the collection of loan fees was illegal and called on citizens to file lawsuits because they would win the disputes.


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