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    Lebane Municipality President opens private kindergarten in Leskovac

    Leskovac is one of the few cities in Serbia that equally subsidizes state-owned and privately owned kindergartens, so president of the Municipality of Lebane, Ivan Bogdanovic, together with his wife and the Jovanovic family from Leskovac, took this as an opportunity to open a privately owned kindergarten.

    The kindergarten “Plavi cuperak” was ceremonially opened in Leskovac today, and one of the co-owners of the kindergarten is president of the Municipality of Lebane Ivan Bogdanovic and his wife.

    And while, contrary to the announcements of Mayor Cvetanovic, the beginning of the construction of the kindergarten in the Stara stocna pijaca quarter is still on hold, the third privately owned kindergarten in Dositeja Obradovica Street was opened in Leskovac.

    „I am Adrijana Jovic Bogdanovic, I live in Lebane, but I do not think there is any problem that as a resident of another municipality I invest my money in Leskovac and that, with the help of subsidies this city gives, we open something that this city lacks.

    It is fortunate that Mayor Cvetanovic takes care of his citizens and that he provided subsidies to privately owned kindergartens,“ said co-owner of the kindergarten and wife of the president of the Municipality of Lebane.

    She noted that currently the capacity of the kindergarten was 91 children.

    The opening ceremony was also attended by Leskovac’s Mayor Goran Cvetanovic, who pointed out that privately owned kindergartens were very important, given that the capacities of the preschool institution „Vukica Mitrovic“ were filled.

    „I am pleased that the responsible business entities that support the increase in birth rate operate in Leskovac. The Jovanovic and Bogdanovic families also recognized this and they rented this facility with three levels, hired 10 educators, pedagogues, psychologists, speech therapists, as well as two janitors.”

    I invite other private entrepreneurs to be bold and start opening privately owned kindergartens, and the City will always be there to help them with subsidies, Cvetanovic said. He recalled that there were already two privately owned kindergartens in Leskovac.

    Izvor: Južne vesti

    Foto: Pixabay, screenshot

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