Jobs at Lidl: Every minute will be paid

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    Jobs at Lidl: Every minute will be paid

    By the end of the year, in one day, between ten and 20 new stores of the German retail chain Lidl will be opened in Serbia, and the Head of the company for Serbia promises the presence of local brands on the shelves, while he promises quality and favourable prices to consumers, and good working conditions to employees.

    Director of Lidl Serbia, Tomislav Sapina, says for the Novosti daily that quality is the primary criterion for selecting Lidl brands. For us, there is no compromise regarding quality. Only when we fulfil that requirement do we work on making high quality affordable, he says.

    “We can provide favourable prices, because in our processes there is no wastage. We are efficient at every step – in the organisation of processes, storing, packaging that allows the goods to be easily displayed, and energy consumption,” Sapina explains.

    As many as 23,000 candidates applied for 1,500 job vacancies, which the director sees as proof that Lidl is a desirable company for employment in Serbia. “This is partly because Lidl proved to be a good employer in many European countries and because our good reputation preceded the opening of the stores,” he believes.

    On the other hand, adds Sapina, when we announced the vacancies for cashiers, we openly said what we expected and what we offered, which received an excellent response.

    Our way of organising work means that cashiers have various types of responsibilities, and in turn we offer them a five-day workweek, adequate salaries and compensation under the “Paid for every minute” system. We are aware of the fact that the key to success lies in the bond of satisfied employees and satisfied customers, he specifies.

    Izvor: Novosti

    Foto: Lidl

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