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    „It is necessary to complete reorganization of Srbijagas“

    Serbian Minister of Mining and Energy Dubravka Djedovic has said that a complete reorganization of Srbijagas needs to be done.

    „It is necessary to complete the full reorganization of Srbijagas, which we started by transferring ownership of Transportgas from Srbijagas to the Republic of Serbia. Transportgas is today an independent transmission system operator, but we have to fulfil all the tasks from the Action Plan in order to successfully implement reforms in the gas sector,“Djedovic said at a meeting with Acting Director of Transportgas Serbia, Zoran Jovcic, the ministry announced.

    She talked with the Acting Director of Transportgas Serbia about reforms in the gas sector, investments and business plans of the company in the current and future years.

    Djedovic added that the construction of a gas interconnection between Serbia and Bulgaria, which is of strategic importance for the state, would be completed this autumn, because its construction would diversify the supply of gas from other sources, while the gas interconnection with North Macedonia was planned.

    Jovicic pointed out that the competent ministry provided support to the company in the process of separation with Srbijagas and that it would be a partner to other gas companies in order to accelerate gasification in the country.

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