Incentives for BEGINNERS IN BUSINESS: Loan 100%, government subsidies up to 40%

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    Incentives for BEGINNERS IN BUSINESS: Loan 100%, government subsidies up to 40%

    At the last assembly the Serbian government passed the Decree on Incentives for the Development of Entrepreneurship through Financial Assistance for Beginners in 2021. It envisages that state will subsidize 30 percent of the total investments to all those who start their business as beginners, while those from underdeveloped local self-governments will receive assistance of 40 percent, and the rest of the money will come from a loan from the Development Fund.

    Business entities belonging to the fourth development group are business entities from extremely underdeveloped local self-governments that have their headquarters or conduct business on that territory and have a registered branch office for a period longer than one year from the day of submitting the request.

    Those who intend to invest at least 400,000 dinars to a maximum of six million dinars will be able to apply for these funds.

    The funds provided by this Program are intended for the purchase of machinery, equipment and delivery vehicles used for the transport of own products, and other means of transport involved in the production process (new or used, not older than five years).

    The specific goals of the program are to increase the number of economic entities, support for beginners to start an independent business, encourage employment, support for women’s, youth and social entrepreneurship.

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