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    In 7 days, president will tell us how the state is preparing for winter

    President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, said today that in five to seven days at the latest, he would present what the state was doing to provide energy security in the best possible way for the next winter.

    „In five, six or seven days I will explain in detail what we are doing, but also what is bothering us about the upcoming winter. Everything is going in the wrong direction and it is as if a perfect storm is about to come. I am very worried about the winter, but we are doing everything we can,“ Vucic told reporters, as cited by the media.

    According to him, the situation regarding price increases or supply is difficult in all areas of energy.

    „Coal has never been more expensive, electricity is almost the most expensive ever in the summer months,“ Vucic cited as an example.

    He added that the International Monetary Fund’s approval was required for an increase in salaries in the public sector and pensions.

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    Foto: Beta/Miloš Miškov

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