In 2020, e-commerce in Serbia DOUBLED

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    In 2020, e-commerce in Serbia DOUBLED

    In Serbia, the turnover in online trade in 2020 was 33 billion dinars, which is almost twice as much as in 2019, when that turnover amounted to 17 billion, said State Secretary in the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications, Uros Kandic.

    He pointed out at the Consumer Fair in Belgrade, dedicated to online trade, that consumers were better protected in this type of shopping than when they were shopping in the traditional way.

    “Online trade makes up only one percent of the total trade of food retail chains, so the room for growth is enormous, because online trade is safer and provides a wider range of opportunities to find different products that are even cheaper,” said Kandic.

    He stated that online consumers also had the right to return the product to the seller within 14 days of purchase without any obligation to report why they did so, except for situations that were specific, such as the purchase of food.

    Kandic said that Serbia had a growth of four percent in traditional purchases in the previous year, which, taking into account the conditions of the coronavirus pandemic, was an excellent result.

    “We will continue to strive to protect and develop the rights of consumers in Serbia, to follow European standards and to harmonize our practices with European directives,” the state secretary said.

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