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    „I’m worried about the winter, the oil price has jumped again, there will be no electricity and gas…“

    The Serbian President, Aleksandar Vucic, said that he was very worried about how things would develop in the coming period, especially next winter, as he was not certain how the conflict in Ukraine would end and what effects it might have on Serbia, Europe, and the rest of the world.

    „I am mostly worried about the winter because the oil price has jumped again, there will be no electricity and gas – that is the question. It will be a difficult winter for all of us“, said Vucic after visiting the Monument to the Heroes from Kosare.

    He said that state is trying to move forward and the possibility to continue building what has been started has been preserved, and it would be even easier with „even more responsibilities in certain state bodies“.

    Aleksandar Vucic: Multiple unknowns in the equation

    „I am afraid we have many unknowns in that equation. „Every day, I analyse what is happening, knowing all the world actors well at this moment,“ said Aleksandar Vucic.

    Vucic said that many behave as if Serbia is „their easiest target“, but state is fighting and doing everything in accordance with its possibilities, and even those who have a different opinion are slowly starting to understand that.

    „We have a fair approach to both western and eastern partners. We tell everyone in person what we think. And every day, analysts tell us that we will no longer be able to sit on two chairs. People, you did not understand when we said, a hundred times over – we have our own policy. And we boldly say that to both partners,“ he added.


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