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    IKEA plans an investment of 50 million euros

    The company IKEA has announced that it had good results in the first year of its business in Serbia, as sales revenues exceeded RSD5.6 billion (EUR47.2 million), and it also plans an investment of around EUR50 million in construction of Belgrade based shopping centre.

    IKEA’s department store in Bubanj Potok in Belgrade had 1.8 million visitors and more than 10.4 million people visited the official website

    „For a young market such as Serbian these are very good business results and we see many positive trends. IKEA is here to stay and I am very happy to announce today that we have started preparatory works for the construction of the Belgrade shopping centre that will be located next to our department store,“ Director of IKEA Srbija and IKEA’s CEO for South East Europe Stefan Vanoverbeke has said.

    He has stated that this investment of around EUR50 million will create around 400 new jobs.

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