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    Huge decline of press freedom in Serbia

    On the 2019 list of press freedom indices of Reporters Without Borders, Serbia is ranked 90th, which is a drop by 14 ranks compared to the previous year, the organization stated.
    Reporters Without Borders have stated that decline in press freedom has been recorded in recent years in Europe, which goes hand in hand with the erosion of institutions and the strengthening of authoritarian governments.
    Over the past year, there were murders of journalists, attempted murders, as well as physical and verbal violence. Reporters Without Borders also point out that reporters are subjected to various forms of pressure and intimidation.
    Despite all this, Europe is still the continent where the press enjoys most freedom, but investigative journalists work under increasing pressure.
    In the part of the report that refers to Serbia, Reporters Without Borders mention the attacks on reporters who investigate corruption. They emphasize the case of Milan Jovanovic, whose house was burned down in December.
    They also note that the president of the Grocka municipality, who is a member of the party of President Aleksandar Vucic, was arrested in relation to this case and that Milan Jovanovic remains under full police protection.
    On the list, Serbia is followed by North Macedonia (95) and Montenegro (104), but it is preceded by Croatia (64), BiH (63) and Slovenia (34).
    The greatest press freedom is enjoyed in Norway, Finland and Sweden, while the last ranks are occupied by North Korea (179) and Turkmenistan (180).

    Izvor: RTS

    Foto: Pixabay

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