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    Dubravka Đedović

    How much did we save by postponing heating season?

    Serbian Mining and Energy Minister, Dubravka Djedovic, has said that by postponing the beginning of the heating season, more than 50 million euros were saved.

    She told Pink TV that „it is a lot of money, and that the former German chancellor also told the citizens that they would have to wear sweaters in their apartments.“

    „Serbia is ready for winter. The heating season has successfully started, and as of October 10, all preparations had been made. We need to get everything up and running, some routine malfunctions have been noticed, but nothing that did not happen before,“ Djedovic said.

    She added that „if there are no unforeseen situations, there are enough energy products.“

    „In Hungary, we have about 380 million cubic meters of gas, and this is something that the caretaker government worked hard on, and in the Banatski dvor warehouse we have about 280 cubic meters of gas. If there are no unforeseen situations, we will have enough energy products to get through it,“ Djedovic said.


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