How has Beer Fest become a brand?

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    How has Beer Fest become a brand?

    For the 16th time Belgrade becomes the base and main destination of music and beer fans in the middle of August. A lot of different music performers, both foreign and domestic and endless selection of beer are waiting for you on the Beer Fest at Belgrade’s Usce from August 15th to August 19th. This year, for the first time, 63 free concerts will be held at three stages in five days, thus visitors will enjoy a total of 59 hours and 20 minutes of music program, performed by around 400 musicians of different genres and styles, which is an absolute record of the festival. In addition to the music program, numerous interesting events will be organized in six program zones, and more than 80 beer stands will offer over 300 different beer tastes produced all over the world.

    The Belgrade Cultural Network is behind this huge event and the entire organization. With talked with one of the founders of the Belgrade Cultural Network and Beer Fest Ivan Vanja Maslov how they achieved such success and how they merged business, beer and music.

    “In addition to major work we’ve done we can say that we also had luck. Since the beginning we wanted this to become not only a regional but also a European festival. We used all methods of advertising. We had a good idea, good location and perfect concept that consisted of: a wide range of beers, great music program, rock and roll and mainstream orientation, incredible production and free entrance. Each year we invested more and more in marketing, advertising and visual effects of the festival. Beer Fest eventually became a brand. Every year we have raised the bar, both in music and in technical production, and beer offer and music program kept getting better and better.”

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