How does Serbia have HALF FEWER deaths from coronavirus than Switzerland and Austria?

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    How does Serbia have HALF FEWER deaths from coronavirus than Switzerland and Austria?

    Serbia has reached the 35th place in the world in terms of the number of registered cases of coronavirus infection, with a total of 633,013 cases since the beginning of the pandemic.

    According to official statistics, the list formed on the website, is led by the United States with more than 30 million cases of covid infection, followed by Brazil, India, France and Russia.

    Immediately behind Serbia, there are two countries with approximately the same population and approximately the same number of infected so far – Switzerland with 615,024 cases and Austria with 571,616.

    What is striking is that Serbia has half fewer deaths from the coronavirus than these two countries.

    Officially, 5,620 people have died of coronavirus in Serbia so far. In Switzerland, the number of covid deaths is 10,445, while in Austria the recorded number is 9,624 people.

    Serbia is not the only case that does not make sense for an average person when comparing the number of deaths with the number of registered cases of infection. Thus, several places below Serbia, there are the United Arab Emirates, with fewer than 2,000 deaths in almost half a million infected people.

    The “United Against Covid” Association has long expressed doubts about the validity of the number of deaths from coronavirus in Serbia.

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