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    Hotels LACK 15,000 workers

    Hoteliers in Serbia will seek state assistance in hiring workers, announced director of the Association of Hotel and Restaurant Industry of Serbia (HORES), Georgi Genov.

    He told the Beta agency that in September, at the Assembly of that association, a request would be written for the Government of Serbia for relief in hiring workers, exemption from taxes and contributions on salaries, in order to stop the departure of necessary staff from the country with higher salaries.

    „Hotels and restaurants lack about 15,000 workers, and in order to stimulate them not to leave the country and not to be forced to ‘import’ workers from Bangladesh, we will ask the state to exempt the salaries for new employees from taxes and contributions so that hotels and restaurants could increase them,“ Genov told Beta.

    He added that one hotel had already negotiated the arrival of workers from Bangladesh and that it had managed to find them on the domestic market at the last minute, but that „import“ from that country was not ruled out as a solution to the labour market deficit, especially of waiters, cooks, maids.

    He said that at the same time, solutions had to be sought in the school system to increase the number of educated people for those occupations.

    Izvor: Beta

    Foto: Pixabay

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