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    HOME TESTING KITS on the coronavirus arrived in Serbian pharmacies, price is familiar as well

    Home testing kits for the coronavirus have arrived in pharmacies in Serbia and they should be on sale as soon as today.

    Jasminka Bjeletic of „Apoteka Beograd“ says that these tests are very easy to use, they have clear instructions and can be a substitute for the PCR test.

    „Today we have ordered tests to determine the presence of the coronavirus, the so-called home testing kits. We are now printing instructions for each individual package and they will be on sale this afternoon in around 40 of our pharmacies „Apoteka Beograd“. The price is RSD 1,296″, says Bjeletic for

    According to her, the tests are very sensitive, around 98 percent. The manufacturer is a company from South Korea, and the Drug Agency of the Republic of Serbia has approved this test.


    Foto: Pixabay

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