HIT bill from Montenegro: How much does it cost to have "Nothing, thank you" three times (PHOTO)

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    HIT bill from Montenegro: How much does it cost to have “Nothing, thank you” three times (PHOTO)

    A photo of a bill issued on a beach in Budva was published on the Facebook page Pogoricki vremeplov (Podgorica Time Machine), on which responses of three guests “Nothing, thank you” were noted as items and guests were charged 50 cents each.

    In the comments section, a group of users pointed out that this practice is normal throughout Europe, i.e. that a place in a restaurant is paid depending on the location, while others had fun.

    “For the girls from the table across from me, well, send them nothing”, “This Nothing, thank you is good, we should order it” and “Can I inhale?” Ok… 0.50e “,”Guests like this keep us busy”,” It would be cool to create a cocktail and name it “Nothing, thank you”, some of the comments said.

    It is believed that this is just a good marketing trick or a joke of the owner of the bar, which was well received on social media.

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