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    „Higher minimum wages, salaries, pensions…“: We will be BY FAR THE BEST in Europe

    President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, has said that the „most important news“ is the growth rate of our country because „the increase in salaries and pensions“ will depend on it, emphasizing that „we will be by far the best in Europe“.

    At this moment, we calculated with the first budget that our deficit should be around 3.8 billion euros. We have reduced the deficit projection, but today, our deficit is 98 billion dinars, i.e. about 800 million euros. No matter how much we spend, we will not reach two billion, Vucic said for B92 TV.

    „This is great news, because it means we have a healthy economy and a lower public debt rate, about 58 percent. It could also be lower than that, which means that our money is safe, foreign exchange reserves are growing. Construction industry and mining are also growing. We should have done much more to increase production results in energy. The agricultural year was not in our favour. I believe we will be the most successful country in entire Europe.“

    The president announced that as of January next year, minimum wage would be RSD 35,027.

    „We have made a decision to increase the minimum wage by 9.4 percent. That minimum wage will amount to RSD 35,025. That is about a 115 percent increase in nominal terms. According to estimates, the inflation will be around 3.5 percent,“ said Vucic.

    He pointed out that from January 1, pensions would be increased by 5.5 percent. „Along with that, there is an allowance of RSD 20,000, and we will provide more help and support for pensioners,“ the president said.

    According to him, salaries in the public sector will grow between seven and eight percent.

    „We expect that in December, and definitely in January, the average salary will exceed 610 euros. The average salary in Belgrade will be 760 euros,“ Vucic pointed out.

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