Health insurance for housewives

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    Health insurance for housewives

    According to the new Serbian law on Gender Equality, women who are housewives, who raise children or take care of sick family members, as well as those who work on the farm, will be able to exercise the right to health insurance for their work.

    This was stated by the Deputy Ombudsman for Gender Equality, Jelena Stojanovic, in a debate at the “Envoy Conference” congress centre in Belgrade.

    “The adoption of the Law on Gender Equality is very important for the Ombudsman. It is very important for us to introduce the concept of gender balance, but also to evaluate unpaid housework, which was our suggestion when drafting this law because a large number of women are invisible to the system and thus economically discouraged,” Stojanovic said.

    According to Ombudsman’s statement, Stojanovic pointed out that unpaid housework has long-term consequences for the lives of women, especially those over the age of 45, because, according to complaints received by the Ombudsman, employers consider them an undesirable and insufficiently productive category, which discriminates them on the labour market.

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