He left professional basketball to pursuit a career in hospitality

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    He left professional basketball to pursuit a career in hospitality

    Nikola was a professional basketball player for 10 years. This taught him the necessary self-discipline, team spirit and perseverance. He studied in the United States and transferred his knowledge to entrepreneurial work. He built the hotel “Iris” on Zlatibor and thus continued family business. Nikola Knezevic says that his private job helped him mature as a person and appreciate everything his parents did before him.

    “The decision to open the hotel ‘Iris’ in Zlatibor has been influenced by several factors. First of all, I want to continue my family tradition and use the knowledge and experience my family has in this industry. I am very proud of the career and success of my father, Veljko Knezevic, who was one of the most valued and very influential people in tourism and hotel industry in the former Yugoslavia. Thanks to the ‘Magnolija’ Hotel in Becici, which was in our possession, I had a very early opportunity to get acquainted with entrepreneurship in the catering industry and discover the challenges and benefits that it brings. In addition, during my study in the United States, I gained a very useful and practical experience into the world of management that I wanted to apply in our country. Also, I was professional basketball player, which influenced the development of team spirit and self-discipline and persistence needed in entrepreneurship, ” says Nikola.

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