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    HALF A MILLION Sputnik V vaccines will be produced in Torlak in 2 weeks

    Minister of Innovation and Technological Development and President of the Intergovernmental Committee for Cooperation with Russia, Nenad Popovic, has announced that a significant amount of the substance for the production of the Sputnik V vaccine will be delivered to Serbia tomorrow at the Torlak Institute.

    „It is the quantity of the substance sufficient to produce over 250,000 doses of component 1. In about ten days, according to the announcements of our Russian partners, the substance for the production of the same amount of vaccines of component 2 should be delivered to Serbia,“ Popovic said, as announced by his office.

    He stated that Torlak was expected to have about 550,000 vaccines of Sputnik V component 1 and component 2 in the next two weeks.

    He added that after the production of the vaccine in Torlak, 18 samples from each batch will be sent to the Russian Gamaleya Institute, where the samples will be controlled, after which the vaccines will be able to be launched on the market.

    „We expect that to happen within three weeks of the samples arriving in Gamaleya,“ said Popovic, who is currently in Moscow.

    He pointed out that the substance would arrive regularly in Serbia, according to the dynamics determined by the Serbian and Russian parties, until the fulfilment of the agreement, which, in the initial phase, implies the production of four million vaccines.

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