Green corridors could soon become reality at border crossings

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    Green corridors could soon become reality at border crossings

    Green corridors could soon become a reality at the border crossings between CEFTA members and the EU.

    The representatives of the Customs Administrations of Greece, North Macedonia and Serbia met today at the Presevo-Tabanovci border crossing to jointly discuss the potential of the systematic electronic data exchange (SEED) operating in the Western Balkans.

    The initiators of this visit are the Transport Community and the CEFTA Secretariat.

    Greece’s participation is of the utmost importance as this would be major progress in the joint efforts and vision of transport and trade between Greece and the CEFTA parties. That is why this meeting is expected to lead to greater cooperation in the field of green corridors and benefits for both the EU and CEFTA.

    Konstantinos Murtidis, Director General of the Greek Customs Administration, stresses the constructive co-operation of all the parties involved in the Green Corridors initiative. In particular, the test introduction at the Evzoni-Bogorodica border crossing is an important and improved form of co-operation between the two customs administrations (Greece and North Macedonia).

    The exchange of data between customs services on the movement of goods before arrival at the border is an essential element of this initiative, together with the necessary infrastructure, in order to contribute to the faster movement of key goods for the benefit of the wider region, CEFTA and neighbouring EU member states.


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