"Grab information"

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    “Grab information”

    Branislav Savic, Director of Ball Beverage Packaging Europe plant in Belgrade for special edition of BIZLife magazine “30 under 30”

    Advice to young people who are just starting their careers?

    Have audacity to try various things while you are young. Feel free to experiment, try number of things and explore your interests. Travel a lot, meet different cultures, traditions, industries, people, as that will help you expand your horizons and function easier in business environment one day. When it comes to knowledge, constantly work on yourself and grab information, but by developing yourself pay attention to the world around you. The right companies and the right people will recognize your effort. This is not a phrase, but a message from someone who has the honour and pleasure to work in Ball Corporation and who has built his career in this exact way. When you are devoted and you see every situation as an opportunity to learn something new, people around you notice this, as is the case with Ball Corporation, which is one of the most desirable global employers. If you want success, find and follow your vision. Be persistent and audacious. Grab your opportunity to show who you are and what you know. And do not forget to nurture and preserve friendships you gain along your path.

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