Gomex stores get new owner

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    Gomex stores get new owner

    The majority stake in the Gomex trade chain was sold to the CEECAT Capital investment fund, which became the owner of 51.5 percent, said Goran Kovacevic, who is now the co-owner of Gomex with 48.5 percent ownership and he remains the chairman of the company’s Supervisory Board. 

    “The ownership structure was the following: I owned 65% of Gomex, while 35% of the company was owned by the US SEAF Fund, which was an owner for more than 13 years. It is not common for funds to stay that long in one firm, so we talked about them leaving the co-ownership and having their stake taken over by another fund. Thus, CEECAT bought 35 percent from the previous fund and I sold my 17 percent to the fund, so they became the owners of 51.5 percent of the company,” Kovacevic told Nova ekonomija.

    “We plan for Gomex to become the biggest retail chain in the next five years, with smaller stores, we will not open hypermarkets. We will then be looking for a strategic partner,” said Kovacevic, who remains in the company on the position of the chairman of the Supervisory Board.

    Izvor: Nova ekonomija

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