"Futurists" did the math: Kosovo without a solution, Serbia without EUR100 billion

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    “Futurists” did the math: Kosovo without a solution, Serbia without EUR100 billion

    In the event of a failure to resolve the Kosovo issue, Serbia would have lost between EUR100 billion to EUR110 billion in the next nine years, until 2027, according to the report named “Kosovo – the price of the failure” of Belgrade based Futurist Institute.

    The report analyses three scenarios of failure in resolving the Kosovo issue, among which one possibility is for Serbia to annul previous agreements and reject any solution in advance, after which, as published, sanctions and excommunication from the international community are likely to follow yet again.

    According to report, in this case the freezing of assets and instant termination of donations and investments would follow, so it is impossible to say how much Serbia would have to pay economy-wise.

    Based on the second scenario, the report adds, negotiations on Kosovo will continue indefinitely, for years, and this has negative impact on economic growth and inflow of foreign investments, although nothing catastrophic happens from economic point of view.

    And if we start with the worst, war scenario, the price of it is known, based on data on the war at the end of the 20th century, report stipulates, asserting that damage from 1999 in Serbia is estimated between US$30 billion and US$130 billion.

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