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    Future businessmen have to have an email address as of today

    As of today, all citizens who file a registration application for establishing a company or gaining the status of an entrepreneur are obliged to submit an e-mail address.

    „All applications for the establishment of a company or gaining the status of an entrepreneur that do not provide an e-mail address will be rejected by the Registrar’s decision,“ the APR stated.

    According to APR’s data, there are currently 254,107 registered entrepreneurs and 147,853 companies in Serbia.

    Data for the first six months of this year show that 18,733 entrepreneurs were established, while in the same period in 2017 there were 17,619 entrepreneurs established, which is an increase of 6.32 percent.

    From the beginning of January to the end of June this year, 11,259 entrepreneurs were deleted from the Register, and in the same period last year, 10,436 entrepreneurs were deleted.

    The data show that around 78% of entrepreneurs submitted their registration applications for the establishment personally, by coming to the help desks.

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    Foto: Pixabay

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