Fuel price spikes are slight, but they are too common and they will not stop

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    Fuel price spikes are slight, but they are too common and they will not stop

    The price of fuel has slightly risen since the beginning of the year every once in a while, by a dinar or two, thus diesel at some gas stations reached the price of RSD 170 per litre, although the exchange rate of the dinar and the inflation are completely stable.

    However, this is not all. Nebojsa Atanackovic, one of the owners of AD Nafta, has confirmed that, because of the price of crude oil, fuel will increase in price by RSD 5-6 per litre. He also blamed the low water level of the Danube for the prices rising so far.

    Fuel prices at gas stations are formed based on the price at which the fuel was purchased, and because of the low water level of the Danube, nothing can be delivered by ships in wholesale quantities anymore, but only in tank trucks from Montenegro and Bulgaria. This increases the costs of transport, which are constantly rising, because the retail transportation in tank trucks is completely uneconomic. We cannot expect the normalisation of the price of fuel at gas stations as long as the Danube level does not normalise, and that will not happen before the beginning of November.

    That is why, as well as due to the spike in the price of crude oil, we can expect that the price of fuel will increase by additional RSD 5-6 per litre, says Atanackovic for the Kurir daily.

    As a reminder, the price of fuel has been slowly rising throughout the year, although excise taxes have not been increased, and the dinar and the inflation are stable. The forecast that a barrel of oil could exceed US$100 next year is not favourable for drivers, and it will be used by oil traders as a reason for a new price increase.

    The same as before, they claim to be “powerless”, and urge the state to reduce excise taxes on fuel.

    Nearly at the same speed as fuel price increases, an “illustration” is spreading on social networks showing three fiscal receipts that demonstrate six-day fluctuation of the price of a better quality G-Drive diesel fuel…

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