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    From October 2023, LOWER roaming PRICES between Western Balkan countries and EU

    Starting next October, roaming prices between Western Balkan countries and European Union (EU) members will drop, according to a declaration signed between some of the EU operators and the Western Balkan operators.

    According to the signed declaration, after the lowering of roaming prices beginning in October 2023, the goal is to interrupt roaming between the EU and the Western Balkans at some point, RSE reports.

    The roaming declaration between some of the EU operators and the Western Balkan operators, which was signed today in Tirana within the framework of the EU-Western Balkans summit in order to lower the prices of „roaming data traffic“ stipulates that the first benefits will be experienced by users as early as in October 2023, CEO of Telekom Srbija Vladimir Lucic confirmed today for Euronews Serbia in the Albanian capital.

    The document will, for operators who signed it, as well as for those who access it at a later stage, represent a strong basis and commitment of operators, both from the EU and from the Western Balkan countries, to further work on defining a sliding scale for lowering mobile data prices (data transmission), which should be defined in May 2023, whereby the implementation of lower prices would start from October 2023, according to Telekom Srbija.

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