Free minibuses for 500 more villages

Pridružite se poslovnoj zajednici od 20000 najuspešnijih i čitajte nas prvi

    Free minibuses for 500 more villages

    Minister for Rural Welfare of Serbia, Milan Krkobabic, has said that 500 more villages will receive free transportation by minibuses.

    “One of our priorities this year is to address the mobility of people in villages. Priority will be given to peripheral and hill-mountain areas, people in these areas are poorer and we want to enable them to go from their village to another village or municipality, to arrive in school, go to the doctor’s, to some sports or cultural events,” Krkobabic said, after the announcement of a public competition for the grants for the purchase of minibuses for the purposes of the transport of rural population.

    He pointed out that the transport by minibuses would be free of charge and that for that program, the same as last year, 120 million dinars were allocated in the budget of Serbia, up to seven million dinars per vehicle.

    Grants are awarded to local self-governments for the purchase of minibuses with 21 seats, which will serve exclusively for the purposes of transporting rural population from one village to another, or from a village to a city or a municipality.

    The local self-government units from the territory of Serbia are entitled to participate in the public competition, but priority will be given to underdeveloped, peripheral and hill-mountain areas, and the competition lasts until April 21, 2022.

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