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    Fiat’s trade unionists get fined because of roadblocks

    A representative of the trade union „Nezavisnost“ of the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) factory in Kragujevac and one of the participants in the blockades by disgruntled workers, Igor Anjic, has received a misdemeanour fine for obstructing traffic in the settlement of Koricani.

    As Andjic told the Beta agency, he was fined RSD 5,000, because, according to the decision, traffic in Kraljevackog bataljona Street was blocked for three hours.

    He got the information from the officer he talked to in the Kragujevac police that it was „ordered by the station commander“.

    Andjic said he had paid half of the amount of the fine, i.e. RSD 2,500, which is the rule if the payment is made immediately.

    According to Andjic, during the roadblock organized by disgruntled Fiat’s workers on the Kragujevac-Kraljevo-Cacak highway in Koricani, the police did not ask for his ID, instead they only shook hands with him.

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