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    Farmer from Zrenjanin spills 20 tons of milk and sends 30 cows to slaughterhouse

    Farmer Jugoslav Tomic from Stajicevo near Zrenjanin has been spilling all the milk he has been producing for ten days. So far, he has spilled more than 20 tons, because no dairy will buy his milk.

    He says it is not clear to him why someone is not interested in 2.5 tons of milk he produces a day. „I called all dairies, only Dairy Pancevo said that it would buy milk at some ridiculous price and one man offered to process it, but we are too far away, about four hours,“ Tomic told N1 TV.

    He added that he and his family did not see the future of the business „so they decided to send the cows to a slaughterhouse.“

    “Thirty high-dairy cows went to the slaughterhouse, that is 22 litres of high-quality milk per head. It takes three years to create cattle like that. Today we will spill about two tons of milk, because we have no one to sell it to,“ Tomic said.

    When asked what the reasoning of the dairies is regarding why they do not want his milk, he says that they all have surpluses, „some have up to 100 tons per week of surplus, some have from three to five tons of surplus, when I called one dairy, they said that they also had three tons of surplus milk and asked if I knew anyone who wanted to buy it, which is ridiculous“.

    He reiterated that he wanted to donate milk, „but that the law is such that raw milk cannot be donated to anyone, but it must be heat-treated. I even offered some dairies to do it, but they still asked me for money,” the farmer explains.

    Regarding the allegations of Minister of Agriculture Jelena Tanaskovic that dairy farmers do not want to sell milk at a lower price, he says that he did not spill milk because he wanted a higher price, but because no one wanted to buy it.

    “Our working day is sad: we get up, milk cows and cool the milk, we strive to sell something privately, eventually we spill it, throw it away, wash everything, disinfect, and then we do it all again… I think that soon 30 more cows will go to the slaughterhouse, if they continue like this, they will slaughter them all,” says Tomic.

    Izvor: N1

    Foto: Pixabay

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