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    Extremely bad news: Belgrade University drops by more than 100 places on the Shanghai List

    Belgrade University has dropped on the Shanghai List of the world’s best universities published today by more than 100 places. For the second consecutive year, Belgrade University dropped on the Shanghai List. It was expected to stay among 400 top universities this year. However, Belgrade University dropped, and it is now ranked between 400th and 500th place. Belgrade University achieved the best position in 2017 (284th place in the world), while the public was disappointed with last year’s drop by 18 places, when the oldest and largest Serbian university was ranked 302nd. In the already published 2019 Shanghai List, in terms of fields of study, the University of Belgrade dropped in most areas, while spike was recorded in clinical medicine and public health. The latest rank list by scientific fields (published in June) shows a decline in several major areas: Belgrade University is ranked between 401st and 500th place in mathematics, while last year it was ranked between 201st and 300th. We also dropped in chemistry and physics, while in biology we are no longer among the top 500 (last year we were ranked between 401st and 500th). Last year, Belgrade University had the best position in food technology – 43rd, and now it is 50th. Mining and mineral engineering are well ranked (92nd), instrumental science and technology (134th), metallurgical engineering (179th), public health (180th) and dentistry (187th in the world).

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