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    Excessively expensive transport „delays“ Linglong’s work near Zrenjanin

    There will be no major works on Linglong’s construction site over the next six months, the Vojvodina Research and Analytics Center (VOICE) has unofficially learned on site in Zrenjanin.

    According to VOICE, the works are allegedly temporarily suspended because the costs of transporting materials have become too expensive.

    The Chinese manager confirmed that workers from Vietnam and China had returned home, and the VOICE source says that almost all the workers had left and that the last group would return home at the end of October.

    The workers who returned, the article says, said they were sent home because „there is no capital“, and that there were only a dozen workers from China, Vietnam and India „who remained in Zrenjanin to clean“.

    The Chinese manager said he was not sure if they would return to Zrenjanin.

    „Due to the war between Ukraine and Russia, the purchase of equipment has increased in price and that is why we are not sure what will happen. The construction of the factory will continue. This contract is finished, but the works will continue. China Energy is a state-owned company and the government will decide on the next steps,“ he told VOICE.

    Furthermore, VOICE says there has been no private security guard at the entrance since Tuesday.

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