EUR 22 million for the modernization of the Serbian railways

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    EUR 22 million for the modernization of the Serbian railways

    A loan of EUR 22 million from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development will be invested in the modernization of Serbian railways, and the funds will be used to improve the infrastructure, as well as for the new system of ticket sales and the introduction of measures to improve energy efficiency.

    As announced, EUR 17 million will be invested in the expansion and improvement of the railroad depot in Zemun, in accordance with the contract signed today in Belgrade by Finance Minister Sinisa Mali, and Acting CEO of Srbija voz, Jugoslav Jovic, with Director of the EBRD Transport Team, Sue Barrett.

    Owing to this investment, the depot in Zemun will become the main location for the maintenance of the railway vehicle fleet of the company Srbija voz, including the maintenance of new trains of state-of-the-art technology.

    New technologies will provide more efficient and precise data recording, which will lead to improved productivity and cost reduction, as well as to improved energy efficiency of the company Srbija voz.

    One of the most visible changes for passengers will be a new ticket sale system via ticket machines and online and mobile phone sale. Modernization will enable the company Srbija voz to improve the collection of payments for tickets and the collection of data on the number of passengers, which will improve the level of service and enable the company to create more attractive offers for travelers.

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