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    Electricity officially RISES IN PRICE

    As of today, electricity for households is 3.9 percent more expensive. This will increase the bills for the average monthly consumption of 300 to 450 kilowatt-hours of electricity by RSD 100 to 150. Energy Minister Aleksandar Antic announced an increase in electricity prices last month when he was a guest on RTS TV. He then stated that electricity for the industry would not increase in price. He said the price of electricity had not changed for more than two years. Experts estimate that the rise in electricity prices will not lead to an increase in other prices, since it applies only to households. This winter, apart from gas and wood, electricity is considered the most cost-effective form of heating, but only if storage heaters are used, and if they are charged at night, when electricity is four times cheaper.

    Izvor: RTS

    Foto: Pixabay

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