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    eGovernment has issued more than 700,000 „covid“ passports

    Since the release of the Digital Green Certificate until today, 708,706 certificates have been issued and so far there have been no complaints or any technical problems when crossing the border, according to the e-government.

    Asked about the case of tourists from Serbia who reported not being able to board the ferries in the ports of Ouranoupoli and Tripiti, because the port police told them that they could not read the QR codes from the certificate, the eGovernment said that the EU had not yet standardized QR codes even between member states, so the reading app currently used by the EU could not read all the QR codes of member states either.

    In addition to personal data, data on vaccination, previous illness or PCR test, the Digital Green Certificate also shows the results of a serological test (antibody test) performed in state reference laboratories, including INEP.

    Izvor: Beta

    Foto: Pixabay

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