Driving training may rise in price by "just" 30 percent

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    Driving training may rise in price by “just” 30 percent

    The costs of driving training that are currently mentioned in the media are not realistic, and it is possible that in the autumn there will be a correction of the minimum price that has been the same since 2012, said the Association of Driving Schools of Serbia.

    President of the Association, Milan Krstic, pointed out that the price increases would not be implemented soon, “apart from harmonisations with real costs and business inputs”.

    Krstic recalled that the minimum prescribed price of RSD 61,000 including VAT was approved by the Government of Serbia in 2012, adding that after 10 years, the time had come for the minimum price of training to be adjusted, and thus increased.

    “We have hired an expert group that is currently dealing with the calculation of costs and the determination of the proposal of the lowest possible price. We will then propose this to the Interior Ministry, which has its calculations, this should be harmonized, and then approved by the Government of Serbia,” he said.

    Krstic pointed out that the calculation for the Association could be ready in a month and a half, but that the organisation could not influence the decision of the Interior Ministry or when it would be made.

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