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    Dr. Kon CARES MOST about those who „ARE MAKING A GRAVE MISTAKE“

    Epidemiologist and member of the Republic Crisis Staff, Predrag Kon, has said that he is most worried about those who have not been vaccinated against coronavirus, as well as the consequences of when they get sick.

    „To me, the unvaccinated are the most important. All this is done primarily because of them, in order to keep them safe, to simply go through the period when the virus is circulating to the maximum. They do not understand that they are not separated,“ Kon told RTS TV.

    He pointed out that this intolerance was also fatal, and reiterated that „the only enemy is the virus.“

    „It is a villain, it must be destroyed. Those who fight for the villain, by fighting against covid passes and against vaccination, should know that they are making a serious mistake. I am sorry that they are in such a situation, but it is not possible to reach all that without putting energy and finding a way,“ Kon said.

    He added that at meetings with Health Minister Zlatibor Loncar and Education Minister Branko Ruzic, they had concluded that „without a 24-hour covid pass, there is no solution to the current situation“.

    According to him, the largest number of newly infected students is recorded when it is determined that a few days before that spike there was a celebration of an 18th birthday.

    „All this is important, not in order to accuse anyone, but to understand where the place of transmission is. Schools are not the main place of transmission, and they clearly showed that and deeply convinced me of that. That is one thing. On the other hand, they have clearly shown that covid passes, if they are not implemented 24 hours a day, have no effect and they provide an easy passage through schools and return back to schools and the flare-up of illness,“ Kon pointed out.

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