Domestic entrepreneurs complaining about high wages in German company

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    Domestic entrepreneurs complaining about high wages in German company

    Certain entrepreneurs in Zrenjanin are expressing their displeasure with wages that workers in German company Draexlmaier receive, stating that because of those high wages more and more workers are leaving them, and that major companies are privileged in comparison to small ones.

    An entrepreneur from Zrenjanin Dragan Vidakovic, who employs 170 workers and owns, among other things, a chain of newsstands and a taxi association in Zrenjanin has stated for RTV Santos that not only Draexlmaier, but all major employers, companies and businesses are the issue.

    “Those are mostly foreign companies that for number of years have been receiving state incentives and subsidies for investments and small businessmen and entrepreneurs are certainly fighting a losing battle because of that,” he has said.

    CEO of Draexlmaier in Serbia Michael Wagner has confirmed that there were employers’ complaints, stating they have received calls from several companies operating at the territory of Zrenjanin that complained as specialized staff has left them because of Draexlmaier.

    Draexlmaier employs more than 5,000 workers and it is one of the biggest companies in the region. Even though wages in that company are not revealed, it is known that workers have free transportation and wages, apparently above the average in this town, are paid on regular basis.

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