Do you know HOW MANY MILLIONAIRES THERE ARE IN SERBIA and what exactly they do?

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    Do you know HOW MANY MILLIONAIRES THERE ARE IN SERBIA and what exactly they do?

    The information about how many millionaires there really are in Serbia, i.e. citizens with a reported annual income exceeding two or more million dinars is only available to the Tax Administration. And according to the data dating back to the end of last year, it is said that the Tax Administration received as many as 27,866 applications for determining the annual income tax of citizens with income in 2019 higher than 2.7 million dinars.

    Most “millionaires” live in Novi Beograd – 4,969, and the fewest of them in Vranje – 102, Bizlife has learned.

    The reported income for the first hundred taxpayers with the highest reported income ranges from around 61 million dinars to around 749 million dinars, the Tax Administration announced.

    The most commonly reported occupations of “millionaires” are manager, director and engineer, while 88 percent of the applicants are men.

    After Novi Beograd, the most millionaires in the capital are registered in the centre of Belgrade – 4,869, and the lowest number of applications is in Zemun – 1,522. These are followed by Novi Sad with 2,993 millionaires, and the first next city in Serbia with the most citizens who applied for the determination of the annual income tax is Nis – 884.

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