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    Danica Popovic: What about these poor people who took loans indexed in euros?

    Professor of the Faculty of Economics and a member of the Centre for Liberal-Democratic Studies, Danica Popovic, was a guest in the Pressing TV show on N1 TV, and on that occasion she said that the sole culprits in the case of loans indexed in Swiss francs, „are the citizens who took loans and did not listen to the appeals that such loans are risky, primarily the warnings by former NBS governor Radovan Jelasic.“

    „If people chose loans in Swiss francs because they were cheaper compared to the loans in euros they made profit. This profit belonged only to those who took loans in Swiss francs. That is just theirs. But when they encountered a problem, then it is not just their problem, but mine also,“ Popovic says.

    She believes that only the state can cover these debts, and she considers the decision of the Court of Cassation controversial and as a decision „that will disappear into thin air tomorrow.“

    „The banks will repay this if you prove that they were operating illegally, but you cannot prove that,“ says Popovic, adding that the problem is that debtors in Serbia want the same thing as debtors in Croatia or Hungary, which is reduction in loans.

    „And what about these poor people who took loans indexed in euros at the same time and who paid all their debts on time and they continue to pay them, and tomorrow when Vucic increases taxes, because he has to repay the loans of other people, they will also have to finance that,“ concludes professor Danica Popovic.

    Izvor: N1, BIZLife

    Foto: N1 screenshot

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