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    Selected the best women entrepreneurs in Serbia

    For the 16th time, the Association of Business Women of Serbia granted the award „Cvet uspeha za ženu zmaja“ to the best female entrepreneurs in Serbia.

    Furthermore, within the event „Cvet uspeha za ženu zmaja“, the most gender-sensitive company was awarded for the fifth year in a row.

    This year, 10 women entrepreneurs among 26 finalists from all over Serbia won the title „žena zmaj“.

    In the Export Oriented Company category, the award went to Sanja Stanimirovic, co-owner of Tester-al d.o.o., Testeral LLC and STS Kan Group from Jagodina. Dubravka Bjekic, co-owner and director of Payspot d.o.o. from Novi Sad and Tatjana Rackov Sinadinovic, owner and director of kindergarten Happy Kids and Happy Kids Stars Holding d.o.o. from Belgrade, won the title of the Successful Business Model.

    “Despite all the obstacles, the share of women’s enterprises in the total number has risen from 25.8%  to 33% in the last decade. However, micro and small enterprises remain the most prevalent, with only 5.7% exporting internationally and slightly above 10% to regional markets. Our 26 finalists are an illustration of these findings on a small sample,“ said Dr. Sanja Popovic Pantic, president of the Association of Business Women of Serbia.

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