CONSTRUCTION of State DATA CENTER in Kragujevac begins (PHOTO)

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    CONSTRUCTION of State DATA CENTER in Kragujevac begins (PHOTO)

    The constructionof the State Data Center has begun in Kragujevac, which will ensure the storageof data important for the state, faster construction of information systems of theelectronic administration, connection of various databases and the developmentof e-Government services for citizens and businesses. The deadline forcompleting the works is one year. By symbolic laying of the time capsule, PrimeMinister Ana Brnabic marked the beginning of works on the construction of theState Data Center in Kragujevac, RTS reports. This is a project of nationalimportance, covering the area of 10,000 square meters in whose construction andequipping the Government of Serbia will invest about 30 million euros. Directorof the Office for Information Technology and Electronic Administration MihailoJovanovic says that the Data Center will enable the storage of equipment anddata of state administration and local self-government, which will contributeto much faster development of new services for citizens, businesses and thestate. “The goal is to provide complete communication with the publicadministration over the next two or three years via the Internet or mobilephone. This means that Kragujevac will become a Serbian and a regional leaderin the development of the ICT sector, and we expect much from this,” Jovanovicadded. The Kragujevac Data Center is built in a specially designed building. Itwill be five times bigger than the data center in Belgrade, and one of its partsis open to commercial users. Microsoft, Oracle and Postanska stedionica are thefirst companies that will keep their data in that facility, the memorandums onwhich were signed today. Namely, the first Data Center was opened in Belgradein late 2017. This has enabled the centralization of data from ministries,local self-governments and citizens and great savings in the state budget.

    Izvor: RTS

    Foto: Beta

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